The Senior Company Provides World-Class Patient Care and High Staffing Levels With Competitive Caregiver Wages and Benefits

The Senior Company

Driven by the desire to ensure they can meet the staffing needs of homecare patients, The Senior Company gives employees incentives that improve employee retention and motivate them to deliver world-class care to clients.

​​​​​​​​​While the home health care industry furloughs a growing number of employees, The Senior Company remains dedicated to providing clients in central and north New Jersey with the highest level of care by continuing to hire home health aides and offering them competitive benefits. 

"Within the past month, we were able to send our home health aides into senior care facilities. The seniors in the facilities are not receiving the one-on-one care they deserve. Now that they are understaffed, they are getting less attention than the level to which they became accustomed," said Dina Jackson, Director of Staffing at The Senior Company. She added, "Our caregivers are helping them receive a level of care they might not otherwise during this time. Many of the in-house aides at the facilities are home sick or calling off due to the pandemic outbreak. If we send even just two to three of our aides, we can provide those seniors with the care and attention they deserve."

The Senior Company provides certified hourly and live-in care for seniors who live in central and north New Jersey. Driven by the desire to ensure they can meet the staffing needs of homecare patients, the company gives employees incentives that improve employee retention and motivate them to deliver world-class care to clients. Leadership recognized at the company's inception that the employees administering care are just as important as the type of care provided. 

These incentives include:

  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Annual license renewal reimbursement
  • Pension plans
  • Tuition assistance
  • Time-and-a-half on holidays and birthdays
  • Referral bonuses
  • Flexible scheduling 
  • Annual employee recognition
  • Gym membership

The Senior Company team understands the importance of independent living, especially for older adults. They take pride in helping seniors thrive from the moment they wake up until they go to bed. As an organization with a fully licensed staff, The Senior Company administers compassionate care in both homes and facilities.

If clients need a companion, their caregivers step in. If they need hands-on assistance with activities of daily living like dressing, grooming, or cleaning, home health aides are right by their side. Additionally, the company's live-in care and 24 hours-per-day, seven days-per-week services ensure seniors receive care throughout the day and night. 

The Senior Company's completely digital on-boarding process - available 24 hours per day, seven days per week - is the perfect way to minimize employees' exposure and keep them healthy during on-boarding. While other companies are now trying to put social distancing measures for employees in place, The Senior Company was ahead of the game. 

“Our staff is our first line of defense in terms of delivering care. They care for our clients and show them compassion. We appreciate their valuable contributions and we want to show our caregivers that we appreciate the service they provide. This is why we pay above the industry standard. We only recruit highly experienced and compassionate nurses. We do not hire just anyone, so when we hire caregivers, we believe they are worth the investment,” Jackson said. 

The Senior Company was recently named Employer of Choice by Homecare Pulse. The award recognizes organizations rated best-in-class for caregiver satisfaction. 

About The Senior Company

The Senior Company was founded by a team of geriatric professionals with years of industry experience in home healthcare and related fields within the healthcare system. The company operates around the core belief that if they take care of their employees, their employees will take good care of their clients. The Senior Company continuously invests in their employees by offering competitive benefits and additional incentive programs. These incentives ensure their caregivers are not only happy but proud of where they work.

​The Senior Company
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