The Senior Company is Seeing a Surge of Interest in Its Home Care Services Due to Its Safety Measures

​​​​​Confidence in the meticulous safety measures The Senior Company takes is fueling a surge of interest in its home care services for seniors. The company has been receiving more requests for its services since the onset of the pandemic. This is due in part to the ideal breeding ground that long-term care facilities provide for viruses and the vulnerability of the senior population. The stringent safety protocols followed by the company’s highly experienced caregivers have furthered interest. 

The Senior Company mandated proactive measures to ensure that seniors remain healthy and safe. These practices include screening all caregivers before they enter patients’ homes. Additionally, if a live-in home health aide takes time off, they are required to get screened before they return to their charge’s home. 

The Senior Company also gives personal protective equipment (PPE) to patients and their families. Some other home care companies require families to obtain the PPE themselves. The company even provides families with digital thermometers, germicidal wipes, hand sanitizer and more. 

As states lift or ease stay-at-home orders, the spike in cases anticipated by some states poses a threat to seniors who live at long-term care facilities. Home care serves two important purposes: it keeps seniors safe and minimizes the risk of spread in the local community. Assigning dedicated home health aides to each patient, reduces the number of people seniors encounter face-to-face. 

The benefits of home care do not end there. The Senior Company ensures that its patients get a world-class level of care from fully-licensed nurses who demonstrate compassion, kindness and respect. They are also qualified to deliver a wide range of services, assisting seniors with medical care and daily tasks. Since the company employs nurses, they can monitor vital signs, as well as provide feeding tube support, catheter support, hospice care support and dementia support. Seniors who do not require medical services can still get assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming. Caregivers will also run errands, do housekeeping, assist them with meals and manage medications on a weekly basis. 

The Senior Company can adhere to any schedule, whether seniors need care on a part-time basis or full-time basis. Care is available around the clock for patients who require it. Families can also opt for temporary care or permanent care. Every single senior gets a care plan customized according to their unique needs. These plans are reviewed carefully to ensure they have a comfortable transition into the company’s services. 

“We have always adapted our private home health services to each patient’s needs. This situation is no different. The Senior Company continues to make the health and safety of its valued seniors our top priority. The safety measures we take and the processes we follow allow seniors to feel comfortable and more open to getting the help they need,” said Steve Romano, CEO at The Senior Company

About The Senior Company

The Senior Company is a trusted New Jersey home health care agency that provides 24/7 home care services for the elderly. As a full-service New Jersey Home Health Care Agency, The Senior Company specializes in providing support for seniors who may need full-time home care assistance, live-in home care assistance or part-time home care assistance at home or in a facility after transitioning from the Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility in their local area.

The Senior Company is a Dual Licensed, Dual Accredited, Bonded & Insured Certified Home Health Care & Certified Help Firm practicing in the North New Jersey area. The Senior Company provides Personal Care, as well as Skilled Nursing Care services, that are available to help seniors and families who are in need of assistance with activities of daily living. Some of these “ADLs” include bathing, toileting, dressing, light housekeeping, meal preparation, errands, hospice care and other personalized hourly or live-in home care services.

The Senior Company is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Home Care for meeting the industry’s highest recognized standards of care in The State of New Jersey.

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