The Senior Company is Easing Staffing Shortages at Senior Facilities by Providing Caregivers During the Pandemic

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The Senior Company is easing staffing shortages at New Jersey senior facilities by continuing to provide caregivers during the pandemic. The company has sent about 70 of their home health aides into large facilities.

​The Senior Company is easing staffing shortages at New Jersey senior facilities by continuing to provide caregivers during the pandemic. The company has sent about 70 of their home health aides into large facilities.

The facilities have demonstrated a tremendous commitment to safety by outfitting staff with personal protective equipment (PPE) including gowns and masks. The Senior Company applauds the facilities for their dedication to protecting staff and residents by wearing PPE. Doing so has greatly limited exposure to the virus. The Senior Company fought to get the proper protection and higher pay for caregivers.

Previously, only certified nursing assistants (CNAs) were permitted to work in senior facilities through the Board of Health. New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, improved the situation significantly by allowing certified home health agency (CHHA) caregivers to work in these facilities through the Board of Health. The experience these caregivers have with working in different environments is beneficial for seniors and staff.

"I agree with the governor's waiver to allow CHHAs to work in senior facilities. It is no secret that staffing in these facilities is a challenge. This was true before the pandemic, as well. Without the waiver, we would have seen a drastically worse outcome as it relates to the patients' care and safety," said Calvin Bynum, Executive Director at The Senior Company.

Many seniors are suffering from lack of in-person attention from family members as a result of social distancing protocols. Some staff members have missed days due to falling ill with the virus, further compounding the problem. Contrary to the negative press that senior facilities have received recently, senior facilities have gone above and beyond in their attempts to maintain appropriate staffing levels and guard the safety of all of the employees working at them, including the home health aides.

The Senior Company helps ease staff shortages by providing part-time care, live-in care, temporary care and permanent care for seniors. Fully-licensed, skilled, compassionate and highly experienced nurses deliver world-class care to patients. These highly qualified caregivers are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. This availability allows those seniors who need around-the-clock care to receive it, even in the wake of the pandemic.

"Staffing senior facilities has changed the dynamic of what we do. It has been necessary to quickly adapt to a new process, as well as a new type of partnership with these facilities. Ultimately, we are achieving the same outcome - helping to keep seniors safe!" Bynum said.

Bynum believes the pandemic will impact the senior care industry in the long-term. Staff members and home health aides at home care companies, skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals will need to follow stricter regulations. Processes will also change.

"Although it appears the curve of the virus has flattened in New Jersey, the demand for staffing in senior facilities continues to grow. Hospital admissions might be down, but the patients that are recovering are now being discharged to rehabilitation facilities. These facilities need the most help at the moment. We also need to hire additional staff to prepare for the wave of discharges home from the rehabilitation facilities. The Senior Company is fully prepared for this next step," Bynum said.

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